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Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Words and Music by Colin Fine

People live in circumstances,
People live in towns,
People live in terror
Of the next day's ups and downs.
People have their dignity,
People have their fun,
People have to do the things
They're sure have to be done.
There are no extraordinary people:
Whoever tells you otherwise is lying to you.
There are only ever ordinary people,
Who do what they do,
The extraordinary thing
Is the ordinary things that they do.
People making sacrifices,
People making war;
People making do, and other
People making more.
People laugh and sing and dance,
People scream and cry.
People choose to change the world, and
People pass it by.
People live and love and die,
People cheer and grieve;
People have ambitions
Which they never quite achieve.
People think they ought to be
Exactly what they're not:
People can do anything
With just the gifts they've got.


I wrote this song in 1989, inspired by one of the Brad Brown's remarkable "Touchstones":

          There are no
            only ordinary people
               who do
            with what
               they have
                  been given.
From "Point Counter Point" by K. Bradford Brown, published by Lifetimes Press, 1988. Page 153

Brad was one of the founders of the programme which is now called More To Life, and a dear friend who is sadly missed.

Downloading "Ordinary People"

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  • A MIDI file of the song (no words, of course)
  • The whole song as a Mozart file. If you download the free Mozart viewer (Windows only) you can use it to view, print, and play the song.
On The Edge

On The Edge

Words and Music by Colin Fine

Waiting till the time is right.
Waiting till it's safe to go,
Maybe waiting for a moment of clear sight,
But you'll never go.
You're stood on the top of a ski-slope
A-wondering how.
But don't wait till you're ready
For you never will be ready
And the moment is now.
Trying to dispel your fears,
Working hard to understand,
Maybe something you've been wanting for long years,
But it's in your hand.
If you thought that 'courageous' meant 'fearless',
You simply don't know.
If you wait till you're fearless
Then you never will be fearless,
And you never will go.
Going though the fear is strong,
Going with your knees a-quake,
Maybe something you've been wanting for so long,
But never dared take.
You don't have to get yourself ready,
Or conquer your fear.
But just welcome the moment,
And say yes to the moment,
And the moment is here.

Downloading "On the Edge

  • The sheet music as a PDF file
  • A MIDI file of the song (no words, of course)
  • The whole song as a Mozart file. If you download the free Mozart viewer (Windows only) you can use it to view, print, and play the song.


Words and Music by Colin Fine

There's a monkey on my shoulder, and he's telling me lies
Just to stop me ever seeing what's in front of my eyes.
He tells me what the world is like, and how I ought to be,
And just what's going to happen if I ever dare be me,
And I say:
"That's not true" to the monkey on my shoulder, I say
"That's not true, what you're telling to me!
That's not true, and before I get much older, I will
Tie you up and gag you so that I can be free
Of your lies!"
There's a tortoise in my belly, like an earthenware pot,
And whenever something happens that I'd really rather not,
He flings away authority, says "Ooh, I don't feel well",
Then he grabs my head and drags me down inside his little shell.
And I say:
"I won't take it!" to whatever I've been hatin', I say
"I won't take it!", and he opens up a crack;
"I won't take it!", and I feel my backbone straighten, and I
Hold my head up high, and I find my author-
ity's back.
There's an elephant I'm carrying around in a sack,
He's allowed to do just what he wants when he is on my back;
But I'm finding him a burden just as long as he lives,
For an elephant, you know they say, just never forgives
And I say:
"Please forgive me, there's an elephant behind me", I say
"Please forgive me, and I wish he'd get lost";
"Please forgive me, I don't need you to remind me
Of the payoff from resentment I would rather count the cost,
So get lost!"
So there's a whole menagerie I'm carrying around
And between them they contrive to drive me down into the ground.
But I've got a bag of tools with which I simply can't lose
If I notice, feel and verify, and positively choose
To say:
"That's not true!" to the monkey on my shoulder, I say
"I won't take it!" to the tortoise inside,
"Please forgive me, there's an elephand behind me,
And I find I can defeat them all whenever I decide
To be free!"

Filks (parodies)



Words by Colin Fine

Tune: Oliver by Lionel Bart

I'm a cat, fancy that!
Where do you think I would want to be sat?
Somewhere where I can stare
Out of the world but not in the cold air.
If I can just find a nice cardboard box anywhere around,
I can crawl inside and
Sit safe and warm in my box while I stare around;
When I find someone kind
To provide me a nice comfy box I'm inclined
To praise the day I came to stay
With Schrodinger.


This song was inspired by this piece of serious scientific research

Written at Con27ilkin, Marks Tey, February 2015


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